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Patent describes gesture based access modes which replace passcodes on iOS devices

A new Apple patent describes gesture based access modes which will replace the current passcode access system in iOS devices.The patent has been awarded to Apple today by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.


The only way to manage user access on iOS devices right now is through a passcode. Once that passcode is entered, the user gets total access to the device. However, a certain level of user configuration is possible. Siri, Reply with Message and Passbook can be accessed even if a device is passcode locked. The patent describes technology that deals with access inputs which determines services, functions and apps that can be accessed by a user after performing a specific gesture.

Gesture based access would allow for different levels of user access. One gesture might be linked with providing access to gaming functions only, the user will be able to play games on an iOS device while sensitive data such as emails, contacts and messages are kept securely locked. To access that data, one would perform a different gesture. The patents details gestures which can be arranged by category such as communications or gaming apps, only those apps will allowed to be opened which are associated with that particular gesture. Users might draw various patterns, shapes and letters to lock different levels of access.

This particular patent was filed by Apple back in 2010. It hasn’t implemented the technology as yet, not even in its latest iOS update that’s due to be publicly released in a couple of weeks. It might implement it in future iOS versions, though that can’t be said with absolute certainty.

Source: AppleInsider

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