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Parody video claims you’re already using the iPhone 5S, unveils a new iPhone… for peasants

Dozens of rumors, oodles of leaks, maybe hundreds of reports based on “insiders” and “tipsters”, they’ve all been building up to the September 10 event where Apple will unveil the new iPhone 5S and 5C.

Lightning S

But what if the 5S is already here and you just didn’t notice it? What if you simply don’t remember upgrading to it? And what if the only thing that’s changed is that existing cables no longer work with it and you need to grab a new Lightning S adapter?

Sounds like the conspiracy of the century, but I have it on good authority all the above has happened already. And by good authority, I mean of course the latest parody video uploaded on YouTube by “Matthias”.

According to him and a couple of other surprisingly talented amateur actors, people don’t really want change, so what Apple has decided to do is roll out an automatic over-the-air update of your iPhone 5 to the 5S. Where the “S” stands for “same”. After all, it would be stupid to change what is already perfection, right?

Meanwhile, “Lorem Ipsum” and the gang have also decided to come out with a brand new product (huzzah!), meaning everyone can now afford a latest-generation iPhone. Even the peasants. Isn’t that humanitarian of Cupertino?

Now, without spoiling any more brilliant one-liners poking fun at Apple, I’ll leave you to the full clip “introducing the iPhone 5S”. Enjoy!

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