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Parental controls and supervised accounts support coming to Google Chrome

Google is working on bringing parental controls to its Chrome browser for desktop, along with support for multiple accounts that can work without being connected to a Google profile.


Users will be able to create less-privileged accounts termed as “Supervised Accounts,” which would have fewer privileges than standard accounts, enabling one to grant limited and controlled access to other users. For example, Mom and Dad will be able to lock their kids out from using Facebook on the family computer, though for now it seems each site will have to be manually enabled or disabled instead of having the convenience of filters.

Each supervised account will be separate with its own history, cookies, and the like. Google will also be adding a bit of personalization, allowing each account to have an avatar image, including the option to make separate shortcuts on the desktop, clicking which will launch Chrome into that specific account. All of it should take the already built-in support for multiple Google accounts a step further while negating the need for a Google profile.



The new features are currently included in the Chrome Canary development builds and can be demoed by enabling the experiments “Enable supervised users” and “Enable new profile management system” from the chrome://flags/ page. There’s no telling when they’ll make their way into the public builds, though with a kids mode introduced in Android 4.3, it might not be too long before your kids begin seeing “access denied” messages when trying to visit particular websites.

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