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Paradigm Persona Series Launched In Singapore – New Paradigm Of Perfection?

25th April 2017 – Paradigm® launched their highly-anticipated Persona™ range of speakers in Singapore, in collaboration with Hwee Seng Electronics. Backed by a solid three decades of innovation and excellence, Paradigm’s new Persona Series is the best that this Canadian company has to offer – and it has finally landed in our sunny island.

Introduction by John Soden, Paradigm’s Assistant Vice President International Sales

So why would anyone want to shell their hard-earned money for the Persona Series? Among many good reasons is the fact that all Personas use ultra-high performance Beryllium in their tweeters and mid-range drivers. (Beryllium is an insanely rare and expensive metal known for its lightness, stiffness, tight attack/decay and flat frequency response)

We all know that sound is created by a speaker cone’s rapid movement of air. So it follows that the stiffer the cone material, the faster it moves, the more pristine the sound you’ll enjoy.

Persona Home Theater. From Left – Persona 9H, Persona Sub, Persona C, Anthem MRX1120 AV Receiver.

The Persona Series is made up of a range of speakers that fit almost any conceivable home audio requirement. You could choose to have a couple of floorstanders for great music, or as many speakers as you need for your new Dolby Atmos set up! You may also add a Persona Subwoofer to your rig, a beast in its own class.

Persona Subwoofer

The flagship model is the (S$50,000 a pair) Persona 9H Hybrid Floorstanding Loudspeaker. Each of these pack a Truextent Beryllium tweeter and Mid-range driver, and four opposing 8.5″ Active Bass Drivers muscled by 1400W (RMS) amplification that push them to their full potential. The amplification also allows Paradigm to include ARC (Anthem Room Correction) technology, so that these speakers can sound outstanding regardless of the room you set them in. Very important if you’re not going to acoustically treat your room for any reason but want great, showroom quality sound.

Persona 9H, the Flagship.


Paradigm knows that going beyond great is the path to perfection, so they’ve mounted PPA Lenses (Perforated Phase-Alignment) over the tweeter and mid-range drivers. These act like your home’s water filter – weeding out unwanted parts of the audio that are out-of phase. The result? A higher level of serenity in your sound and cleaner dispersion. They also give the Persona series its fetching good looks.

PPA Lenses

We were sat down to a few demos that showed off the Persona’s stereo and home theatre performance, driven by Onkyo and Anthem electronics. I came away pretty impressed by its pristine clarity and effortless off-axis dispersion. Vocals were mighty smooth and lifelike with a deep black background, and bass performance was satisfyingly hefty and well-projected across the ballroom. That is despite the fact that the acoustics in this room wasn’t ideal, and the speakers had not been calibrated with ARC (which needed WiFi to work). So at least in theory, what we experienced today might not be as good as what you’d actually get at home. More information about the full Persona range can be found here.

Premium Wireless range with DTS Play-Fi Technology. PW600 (Above) and PW800 (Bottom)

Also highlighted were the Premium Wireless range that link up across different rooms over your WiFi Network. Since you could group and pair them, I assumed that they were quite similar to Sonos and Bose, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! Instead of using a closed proprietary system for streaming, the Premium Wireless Series use DTS Play-Fi®, an open platform which integrates Play-Fi compatible speakers from any brand. Everything is managed from the Play-Fi App; and within, the ARC Calibration feature ensures peak performance in any nook and cranny at home. You may learn more about the Premium Wireless Series here.

Nothing beats seeing them up close so if you’re keen to audition them, the Persona Series and Premium Wireless range from Paradigm can be experienced at all participating retailers. Here are some other pictures I’ve taken. Enjoy!


ARC Microphone included with the Persona 9H. (Anthem Room Correction)
Anthem AV Receivers on display.
Persona 3F and Persona B speakers.
Demo time!
Persona 3F binding posts.

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