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Pantech announces new MIRACH IS11PT smartphone for Japan

Smartphones may be the mobile phones of choice for most people today, but it does not change the fact that most mobile phones are known for being fragile electronic devices that are not meant to be exposed to elemental hazzards such as dust and water, right? Well, leave it to Pantech to deliver a smartphone that is reportedly designed to be both dustproof and waterproof, and it comes in the form of its new MIRACH IS11PT smartphone.

Having to throw away a perfectly good smartphone because of dust or water damage is definitely something most people will actively avoid having to go through, but it does not change the fact that smartphones, for all their merits, are still extremely susceptible to environmental hazards such as dust and liquids, as is the case with just about every single electronic device out there. However, if it is a waterproof and dustproof smartphone which you are looking for to meet your daily mobile needs, Pantech might have just the solution you need, and it comes in the form of its new MIRACH IS11PT mobile phone.

According to various online reports, the MIRACH 1S11PT is an Android-powered smartphone that is reportedly designed to be both waterproof and dustproof at the same time, which means that the smartphone has a much higher chance of enjoying a longer service life under the hands of its owners, regardless of the environmental conditions a user may subject it to. Backing up the smartphone's processing power is reportedly a second-generation Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8655 system-on-a-chip which boasts a 1GHz CPU core, while its display is provided by a 3.7 inch WVGA screen which is capable of  a 480 x 800 resolution.

In addition, it is claimed that the MIRACH IS11PT will make use of a 1320mAh battery pack which is reportedly capable of an uptime of up to 180 hours on standby, or 250 minutes of talktime, and that the device will be preloaded with version 2.3 of the Android operating system.

Furthermore, a report from ITmedia has claimed that the MIRACH IS11PT also sports a "Simple Mode" user interface, which reportedly 'fixes' the Android home screen onto a single page, while providing shortcuts and icons to a variety of functions from that single screen, thus apparently making it easier for newbies to navigate their way through the Android operating system.

No information about pricing for the MIRACH IS11PT has been revealed at this point of time, although it would seem that the smartphone is slated to be released for sale in Japan come late September this year.

Sources: Gigazine, ITmedia

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