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Pandora launches new iPad app the day iTunes Radio goes live

iTunes Radio, Apple’s new music streaming service, goes live later today. It has long been dubbed as a Pandora rival. Pandora today launched a refreshed iPad app merely hours before Apple’s service is due to go live.


Today the Pandora 5.0 for iPad app has been announced. It brings a host of new features and also enhances as well as optimizes the user experience on Apple’s famous tablet. Pandora has included a number of updates in this app as a direct response to what its users said they wanted. The core Pandora functionality has been upgraded, there’s now more variety to a station with artist suggestions and station details, users also have the ability to easily shuffle, delete or rename stations.

Artist pages have also been updated to allow for deeper music discovery and exploration. The pages now include more information about the artist and album and will also let users purchase that track or album through iTunes. Information also includes lyrics, artist biographies and album discographies. Social sharing features have been added for the first time to the iPad app, users can now publish their music activity on Facebook and Twitter. The new Music Feed is a centralized place to view music activity, it makes it easier for users to see what their friends and other listeners are discovering on Pandora.

Pandora has made several refinements to its logo, app icon and visual design, the changes will be rolled out across the board for all iOS devices in today’s update. Only the iPad app has received new features. Pandora for iOS is available as a free download from the iTunes App Store.

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