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Palit has reinvented the HD 4870×2… or have they? VR-Zone finds out if the humongous triple-slot cooler has much of an advantage, if any.


For those who missed it, the HD4870 X2 is essentially two HD4870s operating in Crossfire mode, albeit on a single card. And as if the original wasn’t already huge enough, Palit has super-sized the HD4870 x2. What it calls the Revolution R700 Deluxe takes up a grand total of 3 slots.

With the super-sizing, one might assume that the Revolution R700 is heavily overclocked out of the box by the factory. That is not the case with the Revolution R700.

Reference HD4870 x2 Palit Revolution R700 Deluxe ASUS EAH4870X2 TOP
Core Clock (Mhz) 750 750 790
Memory Clock* (Mhz) 900 950 915
*Effective GDDR5 clock speed is the speed shown here multiplied by 4.

Strangely enough, Palit has chosen not to overclock the core even the slightest. Even the Asus card fitted with a stock cooler is overclocked. We were expecting a more significant memory overclock instead of the anemic 50Mhz factory setup.

Regardless, the lack of a significant factory overclock means more headroom for overclocking or the cores and memory are not upto the task. We hoped for the former given the super-sized cooling. We find out if it is headroom and if the cooling is upto the task.

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