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PALIT GTX 560 OC and 2GB Review

NVIDIA's GTX 560 has been released for quite sometime and we had already done reviews on two different manufacturers of the card. Today, we get our hands on two more versions of the GTX 560, PALIT's GTX 560 OC Edition and PALIT's GTX 560 2GB version.

Dozens of manufacturers released interesting variants of the GTX 560 ever since NVIDIA officially launched it. (Do refer to our previous article for more information regarding Nvidia GeForce GTX 560.) PALIT has three models for the GTX 560 graphics card and we get to have our hands on two of them, PALIT GTX 560 OC Edition and PALIT GTX 560 2GB version. As you can see from the table, the PALIT's GTX 560 cards use a shorter length PCB (printed circuit board). The PALIT GTX 560 OC Edition offers a slight overclock in the memory frequency from 2004MHz to 2010MHz while the PALIT GTX 560 2GB features 2GB of memory at default frequencies.

  GeForce GTX 560 PALIT GTX 560 OC PALIT GTX 560 2GB
GPU Frequency (MHz) 810 810 810
Shader Frequency (MHz) 1620 1620 1620
Memory Size 1GB 1GB 2GB
Memory Frequency (MHz) 2004 2010 2004
CUDA cores 336 336 336
PCB width 210mm x 112mm 188mm x 112mm 188mm x 112mm
TDP 150W 150W 150W
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Let's take a look at the cards.

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