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Pair 9 devices simultaneously with Elecom’s wireless mouse

Elecom has developed a new wireless mouse that uses Bluetooth 3.0. The best feature of this unit is its capability to connect and pair up to 9 different devices simultaneously.

One of the crown advantages of wireless peripherals today is the fact that they could be easily switched from one device to another, even when there is a need to use a receiver unit for the device. Elecom, most likely in an effort to maximize this convenience, has developed and introduced the M-NV1BRBK. It is a wireless Bluetooth 3.0 mouse that can connect and pair to a maximum number of 9 devices "simultaneously".

To use the device, you simply have to pair it with the chosen device like any other Bluetooth peripheral. If there are multiple devices paired to it at one point in time, you can easily switch to other devices by simply pressing the switch button that is located near the center. The 7-segment LED indicator that is right below it will tell you exactly how many devices are currently paired to it.

Aside from the mouse wheel, left and right click buttons, the M-NV1BRBK is also equipped with three extra buttons. The first one is the device switch button mentioned earlier, while the second and third ones are standard side buttons used for browsing (back/forward function). As for its physical attributes, its dimensions are 62.7 x 100.7 x 39.1 mm. It has a weight of 78 grams. The buttons can last for up to 20 million clicks/strokes. It uses 2 AAA batteries, and it is expected last for up to 300+ days when used on an average of 8 hours in a single day.

The M-NV1BRBK can be used on Windows XP/VIsta/7/8/RT or Mac OS X 10.6 and higher operating systems. However, because it uses Bluetooth technology, it can also be easily used on a PS3 that uses System Software version 4.21 and higher. Of course, other kinds of devices that can be paired to the M-NV1BRBK like certain tablets and smartphones can also be connected to it.

The price of the M-NV1BRBK is set at 8,431yen (105 USD).

Source: PCWatch (JP), Elecom (JP)

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