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Pac’n Twit: putting the (Pac)Man into the tweet

When the Japanese say that they are born with the 'gaming DNA' infused into them right at birth, chances are that they are probably not kidding at all. After all, what other explanation can there be for a Japan-only app for twitter client that seems to be more PacMan than Twitter? Now, if only that app actually allowed you to play a full copy of PacMac…

It is not often that we talk about specific apps for a mobile platform, and for good reason. Regardless of the platform an app is designed for, one can definitely be sure that clones of it will start appearing on the App Store or Market within 24 hours or lesser. And when that happens, any novelty or uniqueness which the original app once boasted of is immediately reduced to nothing more than 'meh' status.

That being said, that does not stop us from combing the Internet for interesting mobile apps that we feel ought to be given a little more publicity, simply because they look unique enough to warrant a second glance. And once again, one can always leave it to the Japanese to churn out some of the most out-of-this-world apps, like this custom Twitter client below.

Apparently, the Japanese were not kidding when they boasted that they were born with gaming genes infused into their DNA, and this custom Twitter client is probably the best proof of that. After all, where else in the world can one find a Twitter client that has been (very) heavily skinned to resemble the stage of our favourite yellow dot-munching circle, complete with the authentic PacMan fonts that most of us  grew up with?

That being said, here comes some bad news. Apparently, us folks over in South East Asia will have no chance to download the Pac'n Twit Twitter client for our iOS-powered devices, simply because the app is currently exclusive to Japanese iPhone users only. But then again, considering that it does not actually allow users to play a game of PacMan while twitting to buddies while on the go , perhaps it is not that great of a loss after all.

Source: iTunes Japan

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