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OUYA console receives poor 3DMark score

The OUYA Android gaming console will shake up the console market as predicted by some, but the magnitude of the coming quake is not yet determined.  However, a recent 3DMark benchmark of the Tegra 3 SoC console may provide people with some insights as to how much damage the OUYA console may do once it goes public.

According to data generated by Futuremark, using their 3DMark tool, the OUYA console isn't a standout if compared to smartphones and tablets.

With an average score of 4077 and an average extreme score of 2381, the OUYA ranks 73rd on a list of 257 Android-based devices.  A single bench score doesn’t necessarily mean that the OUYA console is a failure before it even got the chance to see the light of day.  It does, however, mean that enthusiasts and critics are quick to point out the negatives instead of raving about the product.

The OUYA console is set to hit retail shelves on June 4th, but some early backers and developers have already gotten their hands on the console.

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