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Outdoor lovers, rejoice – Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is likely in the works

Headed for AT&T, like its predecessor, this should add water resistance at the very least to the standard S6’s bag of tricks.


After disappointing 2014 sales of high-end mobiles, particularly the Galaxy S5, Samsung had little choice but to take risks with the “next big thing.” Needless to point out just how inspired the Koreans were to gamble on metal and side panels, which isn’t exactly the case for a couple of other controversial calls.

Android fans were livid to discover they wouldn’t be allowed external storage expansion on top-shelf Galaxies anymore, and the sealed nature of S6 and S6 Edge’s batteries further escalated their rage. The icing on the hate cake came from a snub of a relatively new but already hugely popular Galaxy S goodie.

Alas, the S6/S6 Edge pair isn’t toilet bowl protected, and it’s probably even vulnerable to the most innocent of water splashes. Preoccupied with turning these two (fragile) powerhouses into blockbusters, Samsung mentioned nothing on an S6 Active prospect at MWC 2015, leaving outdoor enthusiasts and butterfingers in physical pain.

Galaxy S6 Active

But we’re here now to offer solace, boys and girls, and a ray of hope. We wouldn’t bet the farm on the S6 Active drawing near, yet a User Agent Profile dug up on Samsung’s servers keeps the flame going. The no doubt truthful data shows a cryptic SM-G890A en route to AT&T, with a 2,560 x 1,440 pix res screen.

Obviously, the phone’s market name ain’t listed, but the model number is suspiciously close to that of the S5 Active: SM-G870A. Remember, the standard S5 is dubbed SM-G900 on the inside, then you have your S6 (SM-G920) and S6 Edge (SM-G925). Also, the Galaxy Round, aka SM-G910.

Bottom line, what else could this SM-G890A be? An S6 mini? With a Quad HD display, what are you, crazy? The distant Galaxy Note 5? Nope, it should have an “N” in there, squeezed between the “SM” and three-digit number. A separate flagship? That’s a long shot as well, given Samsung is looking to tighten the Galaxy up.

Now, fingers crossed the S6 Active is shockproof in addition to water-resistant, and not much uglier than the S6 and Edge.

Source: My Samsung Phones

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