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Oukitel K6000 Plus Smartphone Review: Unlimited Battery Life

Oukitel has developed a line of budget smartphones but out of all of them, the K6000 Plus probably stands out the most thanks to its ultra-huge 6080mAh battery, which is twice of that of the standard Android smartphone. For US$179.99, the Oukitel K6000 Plus that packs on a decent amount of speed and camera prowess, makes it an attractive entry-level device for power-hungry consumers.


The Oukitel K6000 Plus isn’t a particularly flashy smartphone. In fact, it’s a rather basic device that looks kind of plain, but yet at the same time, isn’t unappealing either.

It has standard rounded edges and a grey metallic rear with slight curves on the screen.

Considering its humongous battery life, it’s only understandable that the K6000 is going to be thicker than other devices, coming in at 77.0 mm x 153.4 mm x 9.0 mm and a rather heavy weight of 208g. This is only to be expected of course, other high-capacity devices like the Asus ZenFone Max with a lower 5,000mAh battery weighs 202g, which places them in the same weight class.

The K6000 Plus  uses a standard microUSB port at the bottom and not the USB Type C port we see on flagships nowadays, which is fine by all measures, in fact, probably even more convenient to be honest.


The Oukitel K6000 has a Full-HD display of 1920 x 1080 px resolution, which is typical of budget smartphones. It has a pixel density of 480ppi, which is above average for budget devices, and I really liked the clarity of the FHD screen.

Maximum and minimum brightness on the Oukitel device was decent, it wasn’t the brightest under the harsh sunlight for sure, but reading off the screen was no issue at all. If you use it at night, you will find the built-in blue-light filter a useful addition to reduce the detrimental effects screen have on your sleep cycle.


The Oukitel K6000 Plus isn’t built to be a performance powerhouse. It utilises an MT6750T processor and comes with 4GB of RAM. This is pretty good for its low price point, but it still does slow down when you try running intensive photo or video-editing apps with it alongside productivity apps such as Word or Excel. Nevertheless, its performance for daily activities are still decent.

Antutu benchmarks gave the device a score of 44,507. This is above average for budget smartphones, so we’re more than happy with that.

Gaming performance wasn’t stellar, but handling normal games such as Candy Crush or Mario Run was fine. Clash Royale and Asphalt 8 saw some chunky moments with its Mali T860 graphics processor.

3DMark tests gave the device a score of 377 which is quite disappointing and on the low-end of things.

The overall experience on the software side of things was good. It’s user interface is not the fanciest or most beautiful one you can find in the market, but it’s honestly quite clean and user-friendly.

Since it comes with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat out-of-the-box, it has a lot of nifty features such as dual-window operation and a sleek flat UI-design in certain areas.

It rarely overheated during my usage on the device, which was a plus point since it meant a longer-lasting and more reliable battery life.


The K6000 Plus is not built to be a camera-phone either, but it actually shoots rather gorgeous photos with its 16MP camera under well-lit condition. Colour contrast was quite impressive for a budget smartphone and details, although not the finest you can find, was still pretty decent. Only under low-light conditions, the K6000 Plus finds itself in a little bit of a rut and noise will be noticed for sure.

The front 8.0MP camera also did well as you can see, although selfie cameras aren’t the most important of all things, it’s definitely clear enough for most purposes.

Oukitel has certainly jumped on the bandwagon of “beauty photos” with its primary camera on the rear even offering a new mode for itself known as Beauty where you can adjust the toggle bar to see how much you want to “beautify” yourself.

Battery Life

The clear highlight of the Oukitel K6000 Plus is its 6,080mAh battery life. Since the device doesn’t use a very power-intensive processor, you can actually expect the Oukitel to have a truly long lifespan. In my experience, the K6000 Plus can average around 3 days worth of moderate usage, meaning just web-browsing, texting and typing on Google Docs etc. It might be around 2-3 days if you use it to watch videos or play games, but there is really no need to carry a portable charger around with it.

In fact, thanks to its OTG capabilities, the  Oukitel K6000 Plus can actually itself, act as a portable charger to charge your other devices such as bluetooth earphones or even another smartphone, which is pretty incredible.


For US$179.99, the K6000 Plus is definitely a good buy, especially if battery life matters to you a lot. With a decent processor and camera, the K6000 Plus also does just as well, if not better than other smartphones in this price range, with the only drawback being its lowered portability due to its heavy battery.

Purchase the Oukitel K6000 Plus here.


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  1. nupur

    I use Gretel GT6000 and this phone solve my 2 main problem, Good dual Camera and Big Battery 6000mAh. GT6000 come with premium looking and very good price.

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