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Origin starts selling world’s fastest notebook

How fast can a top-end notebook based off Intel's new Sandy Bridge platform run? Say, 3.2GHz under TurboBoost? Well, leave it to Origin to go off the charts with its latest lineup of factory-overclocked notebooks that are reportedly being sold with clock speeds of 4.5GHz, along with other major hardware goodies not found in most run-of-the-mill notebooks.

When it comes to notebooks, the average consumer can be some of the most demanding shoppers at times. Because of the inherently higher costs incurred when purchasing a notebook over a desktop PC, most people are not willing to splurge on a machine that will be quickly outclassed by newer, faster machines in a matter of months. Indeed, some of the most common demands made by consumers over laptops include smaller sizes, performance that is 'good enough' for most daily needs and more importantly, specifications that can only be described as 'futureproof'.

Needless to say, there is no known notebook in the market today that is capable of satisfying all of the aforementioned demands. However, if consumers are willing to strike 'portability' off from their lists, we are fairly sure Origin's latest Eon17-S is perfectly capable of fulfilling the other two demands…as long as they are willing to pay a premium, of course.

According to a report published by Xbit Labs, Origin's Eon17-S notebooks feature a "quad-core Intel microprocessor", along with NVIDIA's recently-released GeForce GTX 485M graphics card. Now, these features in itself may not attract much attention, but the fact that Origin has apparently seen it fit to overclock the processor used in its notebooks is. Indeed, the most powerful configuration available for the Eon17-S notebooks mentions the use of an i7-2920XM processor that has been overclocked to 4.0GHz, and is capable of up to 4.5GHz under TurboBoost.

In addition, the Eon 17-S is also capable of supporting up to 32GB of memory thanks to the availability of four DIMM slots, so intensive gaming or multi-tasking is definitely not going to be a problem on a souped-up Eon 17-S.

Of course, this just leaves the all-important question about cost. Unfortunately for penny-pinchers, the EON 17-S is not going to be the cheapest notebook available; in fact, the world's fastest notebook may well be the world's most expensive notebook as well. This is because the cost for a fully maxed-out Eon 17-S is going to set one back by as much as US$12,302. But hey, you get exactly what you are paying for; a high-performance notebook with specifications that are 'futureproof' for at least two to three years down the road. And on top of that, you get bragging rights for having a notebook that boasts two "world's most" qualities in a single package, no?

Source: Origin via Xbit Labs

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