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Origin launches OMEGA living room gaming PC with NVIDIA GTX 980 3-Way SLI


Manufacturer of Gaming PCs and notebooks, ORIGIN today launched its OMEGA line of living room gaming PCs. The OMEGA PC range is targeted at hardcore gamers who want to use them in their living room and play games directly on their big screen television in the living room.

Being living room gaming PCs, each OMEGA PC has been designed to fit alongside your AV media boxes and uses the best HTPC chassis available. But that’s where all similarities with traditional HTPCs end. Origin has made these OMEGA PCs supremely capable as far as hardware goes and they pack enough power to challenge some of the best gaming rigs out there. The CPU options range from the Intel Pentium G3258 dual-core 3.2GHz to Intel Core i7 4790K quad-core 4.0GHz with TurboBoost speeds of up to 4.4GHz. The GPU options are extensive too. You can configure up to 3-Way SLI NVIDIA GTX 980 or 3-Way CrossFire AMD R9 290X. RAM can be configured up to 32GB while storage options include triple SSD drives for a total of 3TB or three traditional hard disk drives for a huge 14TB of total storage. To keep these powerful components running cool, Origin has equipped the OMEGA with the FROSTBYTE liquid cooling and advanced air-cooling techniques.

The Origin OMEGA PCs will be available from today at a starting price of $999 for the base variant.

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