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Oppo’s Find X Is Yet Another Bezelless Masterpiece

Just a week after the Vivo Nex was announced, Oppo’s Find X has been announced. As yet another fully bezel-less smartphone, they both take after the vision first set out in Vivo’s Apex concept phone. Boasting a 92.25% screen-to-body ratio, the Oppo Find X snuff’s out the Vivo Nex’s short-lived world-best 91.24% candle.

Oppo’s Find X ditches the notch for a moving assembly not unlike a periscope.

Of course, all bezel-less phones have to contend with the practical logistics of fitting essential elements into the phone. Front-facing cameras, proximity sensors and the front-firing speaker – many other phones like the iPhone X and LG G7 ThinkQ have taken to housing these features on a notch.

But like the Vivo Nex, there is no notch in sight.

The Oppo Find X, instead, uses a moving assembly like the one found on the Vivo Apex and Nex phones. However, it is a lot larger and robust, spanning the width of the phone, instead of a tiny motorised tray as found on its Vivo counterparts. This assembly, however, remains completely motorized, with concerns of mechanical failure still an issue with these notchless wonders.

The Oppo Find X with motorized assembly raised for facial recognition during the unlock process. 

The assembly raises itself within 0.5 seconds of launching the camera app, Oppo claims. It houses twin rear-facing 16- and 20-megapixel main cameras and the 20-megapixel front-facing one. It also contains a 3D facial scanner, which means the sliding tray initiates on every start-up.

As one of Oppo’s flagship devices, the Find X checks all the boxes for a 2018 top-tier smartphone. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor at its core, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of ROM to complete the trifecta, the Find X also has a large 3,730mAh battery with a proprietary VOOC fast charging.

The phone is currently available in China, though plans for global sales are well within the books.

Two’s a trend. The Oppo Find X might just mark the start of a spate of motorized assemblies that was first premiered on the Vivo Nex.

Apart from a slight start-up time and concerns of mechanical failure, the utilisation of motorised assemblies also limits the weather sealing of these smartphones. Coming just a week after the Vivo Nex, I’m convinced that this is the best solution to help us achieve a fully bezel-free smartphone experience.



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