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Oppo R9S Plus Hands On: A Great Camera With A Decent Phone

Oppo launched the R9S recently here in Singapore, to strong responses from users and reviewers alike. VR-Zone praised it for its camera quality in particular. Now, Oppo is launching the R9S Plus, in a tactic similar to what Apple did with the iPhone 6. VR Zone attended a hands-on event to have a look at this bulked up smartphone to see what could be expected with the update. It turns out, quite a bit has been improved upon with this new phone.

The low-down on the R9S Plus

Photo by Thomas Oliver

Just like with the R9S, Oppo is stressing the power of their camera. Regarding improvements, the main difference is the introduction of OIS+, which is their proprietary image stabilising software. I tried my hand at taking some photos, and it shows how much work Oppo have put into making sure anyone can take a beautiful photo. As an added emphasis, Oppo even had a small gallery of photos, all taken by the R9S Plus. They were all very beautiful pictures.

Photo by Thomas Oliver

Aside from the excellent cameras on the front and back, the R9S Plus has some extra features to make it worth a look. The phone carries 6GB of RAM, an upgrade from the 4GB of the R9S. Oppo has also promised that the battery has a larger capacity than with the R9s. Otherwise, many of the specifications are the same as with the smaller phone. So are the small upgrades and the larger body worth the extra S$100?

Photo by Thomas Oliver

As a phone, it’s not bad as a mid-range device, but unless you are big on cameras, there isn’t much to suggest this above other phones coming out soon. The Snapdragon 635 processor is fine, but with HTC’s U Ultra coming out soon, it can’t really compete. Furthermore, the same issues many had with the plus model iPhones can be found here. If you want a phone that you can use with one hand and don’t have pianist’s fingers; this is not the phone for you.

Image courtesy: Oppo

Otherwise, it’s a nicely made phone which has one of the best cameras I’ve seen in a while. Budding Instagram stars should have a look at this phone. The R9S Plus is available now in Oppo Concept stores around Singapore and costs S$779. If you want it in black, you’ll have to wait until 3 March.

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