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Oppo N1 nears official announcement, sports Snapdragon 800 CPU and microSD slot

For an OEM that’s not very much used to media attention or online buzz, Oppo sure knows how to build solid hype ahead of the N1 unveiling. And it does so aided by official marketing tools, such as the company’s Facebook, Google+ or YouTube accounts, which is even more commendable.


Set to be introduced to the world on September 23, Oppo’s next flagship smartphone has been confirmed as “coming this year” on store shelves, with the Find 7, another high-end handheld rumored in the last few months, slated for a late 2014 release after all.

Those of you familiar with the Find 7 gossip are likely to be in tears by now, but remember, it always seemed odd for a Find 7 to come after a Find 5. Plus, you have nothing to be upset about as the N1 sounds at least as exciting.

For one thing, the speculation about it only featuring a Snapdragon S4 Pro or 600 processor has been silenced as an Oppo official has posted a photo of an MSM8274 chip (aka Snapdragon 800) on Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter counterpart.

Oppo N1 Snapdragon 800

On the not so bright side, it has to be said the MSM8274 is a particular S800 flavor that doesn’t support LTE. Which means the N1 will either come lacking 4G speeds, or it will land in at least two variants.

Meanwhile, the Sina Weibo pic seems to confirm the flagship phone will have microSD support in tow, which is always great news. Other nearly set in stone specs include a one-of-a-kind rear touch display, plus a state-of-the-art rear camera with 16 MP sensor, optical image stabilization and swappable plug-in lenses supporting up to 15x optical zoom.

To end on a graphic note, here’s the first Oppo N1 video “trailer”, which sadly debunks that old saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Oh, well, this is just the first in a series of promos scheduled to go live once every four or five days, so maybe the next one will be a little less vague.


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