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Opera’s free unlimited VPN service is now available to everyone


Opera rolled out a VPN service in its developer channel of the browser earlier this year, and the changes are now making their way to the stable release. Opera 40 is now available for download, and the major highlight is the inclusion of a VPN client that’s free to use.

Unlike other VPN services, Opera’s client won’t be limited after hitting a certain bandwidth limitation. The Norwegian company has mentioned that the VPN will be free and unlimited, but the caveat is that you can only connect to five locations around the world: USA, Canada, Germany, Singapore, and the Netherlands. You can enable the VPN across all tabs, or use it only when a private window is launched.

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By bundling a free VPN service, Opera wants to effectively change the way consumers think about privacy:

Until now, VPNs have largely been used by people who have a good understanding of how the internet works. Only every second person we asked in a global survey knew what a VPN was. Still, more than 80% of the people questioned in the USA and Germany were concerned about their online privacy. More than 70% of people who knew what a VPN was but still didn’t use one, when asked why, said it was because they found VPN services difficult to use and were not willing to pay for the subscription.

The update also brings power saving settings for notebooks. The browser will go into automatic mode when it detects that the notebook isn’t plugged in, and you’ll see a battery icon in the status bar that shows your notebook’s battery level. There’s also Chromecast support, a built-in newsreader with RSS, and an all-new browser engine that runs on Chromium 53.0.2785.101.

Source: Opera

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  1. I have used tunnel bear before. They are good but with limitations. There used to be one that was completely free but that was 3 years ago and now you can’t find one that is completely free anymore. But these are okay.

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