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Open-source Chromium OS spotted running on ARM platform

A long time ago, we wrote a short story about how Google might plan to bring its web-only operating system known as Chrome OS to not only notebooks, but desktops and even tablet PCs. However, it seems like the open-source developer community might have already one-upped Google on the tablet front, for Chromium OS (the open-source branch of Chrome) has just been spotted running off an ARM-powered system in this year's Mobile World Congress.

In all honesty, it seems rather clear that such a thing was essentially waiting to happen, and it was only a matter of time before someone would attempt to pull it off. After all, with articles such as this and this, just about anybody would have easily come to the conclusion that the search giant is keen on putting its web-based operating system known as Chrome OS on just about any computing device which utilizes an Internet connection.

However, as it has always been the case, the open-source community is always at least one step ahead of Google, and this fact was made especially evident in this year's Mobile World Congress global exhibition. Apparently, the open-source arm of Chrome OS, otherwise known as Chromium OS, has been spotted running off an ARM-powered system in a certain exhibit over at the MWC.

According to Chinese gadget website Newpad, the OS in question is being run off an SDHC card, while the platform which Chromium OS is running off on is known as the Pandaboard.  Apparently, the Pandaboard is utilizes Texas Instruments' OMAP4 ARM Cortex-A9 system-on-a-chip, and is said to support Adobe's Flash platform. 

Of course, with a working proof-of-concept that Chromium OS can run reasonably well on both the x86 and ARM architectures, it should only be a matter of time before we eventually see the real Google Chrome OS making its grand entry into the tablet market. And when that happens…well, let's say the competition in the mobile OS segment is about to get a lot more heated.

Full video of the short exhibit, coming up right about…now.

Source: Newpad.cn

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