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OnePlus Two tipped for Q3 launch, won’t be the only new product from OnePlus in 2015


CEO of OnePlus, Carl Pei shared a number of details about the company’s future strategy in an interview with Android Headlines recently. Not only did he discuss the upcoming OnePlus Two smartphone, but also mentioned about a few other new and exciting products that the company has lined up for its fans this year.

Carl stated that the company is under pressure with the OnePlus Two as there are very high expectations from the company now to deliver a great product with its new flagship smartphone. OnePlus Two, he claims, will surprise people. The smartphone’s launch window has also been changed a number of times apparently and currently the company is planning on launching the OnePlus Two by the second or third quarter of this year.

In another interview given to PCWorld, Carl admitted that OnePlus is working on another smartphone as well apart from the OnePlus Two flagship. The other smartphone that the company is working on will be meant for people who care more about design than hardware specs apparently. Future smartphones from the company will also come with US and European variants with support for regional LTE band support.

When asked if the company plans on launching a tablet, Carl said that OnePlus is not going to be launching any tablet as he believes nobody in the industry is actually making any money making tablets. Instead, OnePlus is working on a few wearable devices and has some prototypes currently that it is testing. However, he mentioned that the company hasn’t yet decided if it wants to launch wearable products just yet. So we may need to wait a little longer to see the first OnePlus wearable product.

As for the infamous infamous invites system, Carl indicated that the invites system may be scrapped for the OnePlus One in the coming months as it nears the end of its product cycle. However, the OnePlus Two may be sold with the same invites system, at least for the first few months.

Sources: AndroidHeadlines, PCWorld



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