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OnePlus sold close to one million units of the OnePlus One in 2014

The company failed to meet the million units sales target for its first flagship smartphone.


It’s been an uphill task for anyone that has considered buying the OnePlus One, as the ‘flagship killer’ has been extremely hard to obtain thanks to an invite-only purchase system and a scarcity of those invites. However, while the One may not have been generally available in the few months since it launched, OnePlus has managed to sell close to one million units of its flagship device in 2014.

OnePlus had been aiming to sell one million units last year, but the company didn’t fully achieve its target. That’s not to say it isn’t an achievement, especially when you consider that OnePlus itself was founded only around a year ago and started selling a smartphone soon after. OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei has said that the company will focus on improving its operations and customer service in 2015, and also confirmed that the OnePlus Two would launch in around six months.

OnePlus is also working on another mysterious handset, one that is expected to have a focus on design rather than specs, suggesting it will not be as feature-packed as the One at an unbeatable price. Of course, whether this new phone will be generally available instead of being limited to those with an invite is something that remains to be seen, but it sure looks like OnePlus is marching ahead full steam to fulfill its plans of dominating the smartphone market.

Source: PCWorld

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