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OnePlus One sequel could be delayed due to Snapdragon 810 issues

The launch has reportedly been pushed back to Q3 2015.


The Snapdragon 810 is set to be the most powerful mobile SoC that Qualcomm has ever made, but word out there is that overheating issues on the chip are causing manufacturers to push back the launch of their devices or, in Samsung’s case, forego its use in its next flagship altogether. It looks like these issues could affect the launch of yet another smartphone: the OnePlus Two.

According to Forbes, the launch of the OnePlus Two has been pushed back to the third quarter this year, due to “manufacturing challenges with the Snapdragon 810”. OnePlus had said that the device would make its way to market sometime in Q2, which wouldn’t make the delay that big an issue when compared to rivals like Samsung or Sony, but it will no doubt disappoint fans of the OnePlus One that were waiting to get their hands on the successor.

Forbes also mentions that the device could be called OnePlus 2, with the Chinese upstart favoring a numeral for the naming of its next flagship. With quite a few months to go before the OnePlus 2 becomes official, it remains to be seen if the device really does get delayed (or get the numeric moniker), but one thing is for certain: the Snapdragon 810 surely seems to have issues, no matter what LG or Qualcomm might say to kill rumors surrounding the first high-end 64-bit Qualcomm SoC.

Source: Forbes

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