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OnePlus One pre-orders to open a second time on November 17

The second round of pre-orders will hopefully be as error and glitch-free as possible.


After months of a frustrating invite-only purchase system, OnePlus put up its ‘flagship killer’ for pre-order for an hour late last month. However, just like the phone’s launch, the pre-order time frame was a rocky one, leaving many prospective consumers high and dry once more.

Well, disgruntled folks will soon have another chance to get their hands on the OnePlus One – the company has announced that it will once again be putting the One up for pre-order on November 17th. Like the last time, pre-orders will only be open for a one-hour period which will begin at 11 am Eastern time, and those wanting to buy can enter their shipping and payment info on the OnePlus website ahead of November 17.

Also like the last time, pre-ordering the One won’t mean that OnePlus will ship the device right away. It will simply start producing the handset for those who have pre-ordered, but those with an invite will still be given preference. Thankfully, getting an invite isn’t as hard as it was before, but it’s still a reminder that the OnePlus One continues to remain an elusive smartphone.

Source: OnePlus

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