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OnePlus 6 Review: Why You Should Buy This Phone

The OnePlus 6 has already been around for a couple of months and with its updated version, the OnePlus 6T rolling out sometime next month, let’s take a look the tech enthusiast’s favourite phone.

The rumoured OnePlus 6T, image from Weibo

The OnePlus 6 has defined its place in this market as a mid-range smartphone with flagship qualities. This includes its trendy all-glass chassis that can compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple. While the phone did not see any ground-breaking updates in terms of innovation, the OnePlus 6 certainly has improved its build and stats to meet the changing demands of a smartphone in 2018.


Ah, the most important part of the smartphone, its display. The OnePlus 6 features a huge 6.28-inch notched display, marking it as OnePlus’ biggest, ever. The Full HD panel uses Optic AMOLED – a variation on Super AMOLED that gives you high contrast and brightness with battery sustainability. The big display on the phone uses the popular 19:9 aspect ratio and fills the front of the phone with an 84% screen-to-body ratio.

Everyone has their own preference for sizing when it comes to phones, but personally, I like mine small. Despite this preference, I loved the form factor of the OnePlus 6, which packs a large screen in a reasonable chassis. This allowed me to enjoy my entertainment more because the bigger screen gave a much more immersive experience than that on my smaller personal phone.


The OnePlus 6 features a glass body that isn’t really a step up from the previous metal unibody of the OnePlus 5. It’s more of a different kind of look with the same luxe factor. While glass is definitely more fragile than metal, One Plus has your back (and front) with a bundled silicon case in the box. The OnePlus 6 also continues with the super useful notifications alert slider, similar to the one found on the iPhones. It’s on the right side of the phone and easily reachable. The alert slider was previously on the left side of the phone but has changed this time due to feedback from users about it being hard to hit while using flip covers. It’s nice to hear that One Plus has been taking user feedback and changing things!

The phone has room for two nanoSIMs, useful for frequent travellers. On the back are the protruding dual cameras, flash and fingerprint sensor. The horizontal lozenge-shaped fingerprint sensor is in a great location, and although smaller, it still does the job of instantly unlocking the phone. The OP6 also features face unlock, a security feature that’s essential for rapid unlocking these days. There’s really nothing speedier than using your face to unlock your phone, but with the RGB camera-based system, it’s not the safest of all security modes!

To my dismay, the OnePlus 6 has a single down-firing speaker that was easily blocked by my palm when watching videos or playing games. It does, however, include the 3.5mm headphone jack that its refresher, the 6T will not have.

The OnePlus 6 comes in 4 colours, Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White and Red. The Mirror Black and Red sports a sexy polished glass look that you would expect with glass while the Midnight Black opts for a more ‘traditional OnePlus’ look with a sleek matte black finish. Those who want to command attention should definitely opt for the red because of how striking it is. Fingerprints are quite an issue for these glass-bodied phones – especially those in darker colours. The phone comes in variants with up to 256GB of internal storage with no option for expandable storage just like the 5T.


The camera on the OnePlus 6 is speedy and easy to operate, but, unlike many phones of 2018, lack AI capabilities. Low-light performance has improved with the larger sensor on the 16MP main camera and the 1.22um pixel size. It has features like portrait mode that works on the twin rear cameras or the newly boosted 16MP front-facing camera.

However, unlike with the rear cameras, shooting portrait mode selfies will use software to figure out what to blur out and what to keep. This formula can result in a little bit of hair blurring but it’s still overall impressive. Other cool modes the OnePlus 6 offers are panorama, time-lapse and pro mode. Overall I loved taking super clear selfies with this phone and I think for the price of the phone you’re still getting much more than you paid for.


The ever-cool OxygenOS

Like every year so far, OxygenOS by OnePlus looks great and works great. It’s fairly similar to stock Android. Speaking of Android, the phone uses Android Oreo 8.1 coupled with the OxygenOS skin on top. The icons aren’t huge but they are big enough, and the UX is pretty good all around. In the settings, you’ll find more options to customise the device to suit your preferences. The OnePlus 6 also uses gesture control – the same as it was in the OnePlus 5 and 5T. You’ll find it similar to Apple’s version of gestures. The only oversight in this aspect would be the lack of a gesture or button to access the top notification panel. The tall, big form of the OP6 makes it difficult and uncomfortable to bring your thumb all the way up and slide it down to open the panel.

Power and Performance

I found the battery life on the OnePlus 6 to be great. It never died on me on any days I took it out and when it eventually does a fast juice up will be enough. I’ve used the phone to binge watch countless episodes on Netflix and surfing the web on the browser at home and there’s still plenty of battery to keep the phone lit bright and running. The battery has a capacity of 3300mAh and of course, uses USB C with Dash Charge. The flagship Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 that powers the OnePlus 6 makes multitasking without lag possible. My experience playing games was unimpaired the whole time. Accompanied by the extensive display, gaming on this phone is probably the best at this price point.


The performance and design on the OnePlus 6 give you a whole bunch of reasons to get this phone. But needless to say, the real star reason why you should buy this phone is the amazing price. You truly cannot find a phone at this price with better specs!

Here are the prices the phone is selling at from authorised retailers:
6GB RAM/64GB storage: SGD 868 (Mirror Black)
8GB RAM/128GB storage: SGD 988 (Mirror Black, Midnight Black, Silk White, Red)
8GB RAM/256GB storage: SGD 1,088 (midnight black)

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  1. I found that the dual camera is not needed on the OnePlus 6, the feature is not outstanding, the design is not good, the color limit is too low and the specifications are not high, the price is also expensive compared to other versions.

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