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OnePlus 2 North American shipments delayed by 2-3 weeks

“Due to production schedules”, the best affordable Android flagship of 2015 needs to prioritize the old continent over the US and Canada.

OnePlus 2

OnePlus may have managed to rack up mind-blowing sales for a smartphone rookie last year, but the company’s reputation suffered greatly from one too many controversial publicity stunts. Not to mention the infuriating invitation system, carried over to the Chinese OEM’s second hero device this fall.

Yes, fall, not late summer, we’re afraid, as the OnePlus 2 technically becomes available today, August 11, yet can’t ship until several weeks down the line. Even if you somehow scored one of the world’s earliest invite codes, and live in North America, you still have 2 to 3 weeks to wait after European buyers.

And no, we’re not sure about a European dispatch date either. Bottom line, it seems OnePlus simply can’t handle demand and distribution for the time being. Main rival Motorola must be celebrating upon hearing the news, as the Moto X Style rolls out next month in a similar price range.

OnePlus 2 invites

Specifically, $400 and up, compared to $330, which is the starting tag of the OnePlus 2. Now, the X Style is slightly larger, much higher-res and features a superior rear camera, as well as NFC connectivity. But the OnePlus 2 is slimmer and arguably more stylish (oh, the irony), not to mention it sports the larger battery and a reversible USB Type-C hub.

Meanwhile, the jury is still out on the Snapdragon 810 vs 808 debate, but if one of the phones will be much harder to come by than the other, marginal processing power differences won’t matter.

Source: OnePlus Forums

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