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These Omate smartwatches are among the most stylish, affordable, intriguing at CES

The sports-oriented Racer is available for pre-orders now, and the fashionable Roma will see daylight in the spring.


Omate’s story starts, as most success tales in the contemporary tech industry, on Kickstarter. The crowds helped fund the startup’s rookie wearable stab, the TrueSmart, back in fall of 2013. In the meantime, Omate earned enough money and public notoriety to release an X smartwatch, and the Lutetia by itself.

The latter is one of the very few intelligent timepieces out and about designed specifically with the fair sex in mind, so clearly, its manufacturers know how to go after market niches. Nichey is the best way to describe the just-unveiled Omate Racer too, albeit this one has a target audience almost everybody’s focusing on.


That’s right, the Racer, as the name suggests, is a sports watch. Constructed accordingly, injected with an athletic vibe, but priced far lower than, say, Garmin’s contenders. Namely, $99 for early bird buyers who get their pre-orders in by January 15, and $129 until January 31.

Powered by an ARM 7-based MediaTek Aster chipset, the Racer is obviously more than a rudimentary fitness band, and can push notifications from both Androids and iPhones. The hardware, sensors and software details are a little hazy at the moment, but it almost goes without saying this ain’t a part of the Android Wear army.

Instead, it’s to run a MediaTek-developed platform called LinkIt, and enjoy a certain degree of independence with standalone 2G connectivity. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support are also offered.

Essentially built as Racer’s fashion sibling (or the other way around), the Roma should cost a tad extra, go on sale later in 2015, and decidedly cater to men enamored with old-fashioned, leather strapped watches.

Ladies have the Lutetia, and gentlemen this Roma beaut. Sounds equitable, and fairly lucrative for up-and-coming wearable producer Omate. Let’s just hope the software won’t turn out a clunk-fest, and fitness enthusiasts will be getting their slew of sensors, monitors and health trackers.

Source: SlashGear

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