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Old Twitter users to be upgraded to New Twitter this week

Are you still using the old Twitter interface which has now been dubbed by many as 'Old Twitter'? Well, if you are, you might want to actually start getting used to the new interface which the popular microblogging service has rolled out way back last year; the company has confirmed that it plans to upgrade all existing Old Twiiter users to the new interface by this week. Well, change is never easy, right?

Well, looks like Twitter has finally decided to get serious about its plans for upgrading the user interface for its popular online social networking and microblogging service. Apparently, we have just received word from the company itself that the new Twitter user interface, which was first unveiled to users way back in September last year, will soon take over as the default interface when users access Twitter, and that the Old Twitter interface will be going the way of the dinosaur when that happens "this week".

And if you thought we were making this up, this official tweet from the company itself that was seemingly made only a should dispel all remaining doubt that the UI change due to take place within this week, although Twitter has seemingly decided to not provide an exact date for the global rollout of the New Twitter interface.

That being said, Twitter's latest move will probably irk many users who have grown accustomed to the Old Twitter interface, although one really cannot fault the popular microblogging platform for 'forcing' the New Twitter interface down on its user base. For one, Twitter has been taking pains to remind people since June this year that the switch to the new interface was imminent by adding a browser-top alert informing them that the upgrade to New Twitter was expected to take place "very, very soon".

Well, at the very least, Twitter had the decency to make the eventual switch as gradual and low-key as possible by allowing users to hold on to Old Twitter up till now, even though New Twitter was officially unveiled way back in September last year. This, along with the use of constant browser-top reminders informing users that New Twitter will eventually take its place as the default user interface for the popular microblogging platform means that critics cannot blame Twitter for pulling a "Facebook" on its user base and suddenly making an abrupt UI change without any notification.

Source: Twitter, VatorNews

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