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Oh look, Samsung has Galaxy O series of smartphones on the way

Virtually nothing is known about the SM-G550 and SM-G600 handhelds, aka the Galaxy O5 and O7 that Samsung reportedly has in the pipeline.

Samsung Galaxy A

It seems old habits indeed die hard, and especially when you try to tweak them instead of transforming them altogether, you often fail. Case in point, Samsung, which gave up a convoluted type of branding its smartphones and tablets and adopted a strategy just as confusing to the end user.

Granted, all the Galaxy Cores, Stars, Youngs, Avants, Grand Primes, Pockets, Core Primes, Grand Maxes and so on and so forth have almost surely kicked the bucket. But they haven’t really made way for the streamlined product portfolio we expected.

Starting from the low end of the spectrum, Samsung now groups its Galaxy members in J, E, A, S and Note families. And before long, an O pair will apparently join them. No words on the target audience and price range of Galaxy O5 and O7 devices, but we figure they’ll either squeeze between Js and Es in the low to mid-range sector or sit next to the S lineup and Notes at the very top of the totem pole.

Samsung Galaxy E

After all, tipsters claimed a little while ago Sammy’s fascination with curved gear grew, so why not dedicate a faction of the overall smartphone clan to “edgy” handhelds? It’s not impossible, is it? Perhaps retain the flashy bodies of the S6 Edge and Edge Plus, and lower the specification bar in order to hit a more reasonable price point.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves here, obviously, as the SM-G550 and SM-G600 are presently the result of unfounded, unsupported speculation. Besides, who’s to say the Galaxy O7, if real, isn’t a tablet? Maybe the mysterious curved big guy teased by Samsung ahead of its recent Unpacked event, and likely held up until IFA in early September.

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