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Oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy F dubbed S5 Alpha, expected in August with 4.7-inch screen

The ceaseless saga of Samsung’s mythical ultra-high-end Galaxy S5 variation continues with word out of Korea that puts the S5 Alpha, aka Galaxy F, aka S5 Prime on track for an August release with a surprisingly tiny 4.7-inch display.


At first, it was codenamed Galaxy S5 Prime and expected, nay guaranteed to break cover together with the “standard” S5. Which obviously never happened, so we entered the Galaxy F stage of this rumor fever.

Tipsters and insiders started to doubt their own shadows, nuancing the “premium” smartphone’s potential target audience and hinting at limited Korea-only availability. But now the Asian country’s very own news outlets debunk that angle, basically claiming the S5 LTE-A and Galaxy F, aka S5 Alpha, are two entirely different things.

And yes, the latter is headed for markets outside Asia. With a metal chassis, according to both Korea Herald and ET News, and, hold on to your hats, a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED panel, as per the former publication and its regularly spot-on sources.


Wait, but didn’t Sammy always say (or at least imply) bigger is better? For crying out loud, their latest mini-flagship measures 4.5 inches in diagonal, so how are we supposed to buy this pithy 4.7 incher is the cream of the crop?

Also, if the story pans out, should we prepare ourselves for a “premium” handheld with 720p screen resolution? Now that would be hilarious. On the bright side, rumor is the S5 Alpha, which by the by looks like the bad boy’s final market name, will measure a crazy thin 6 mm in depth. So yeah, around 2 mm skinnier than the Galaxy S5, and undoubtedly prettier, thanks to an all-aluminum body.

Bizarrely, ET News has extremely specific (too specific?) intel on S5 Alpha’s ETA, suggesting the little metal phone that could shall go official on August 13. The spec sheet is a blur right now, with different sources saying different things, but Snapdragon 805 and Exynos 5 Octa chips are near guarantees, and so is a 16 MP rear-facing camera with optical image stabilization.

Sources: G for Games, ET News, Phone Arena, Korea Herald

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