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OCZ ZT Series 550W PSU Review

Quality (30% of the total score)

The quality of the ZT Series 550W has left us with mixed feelings. On one hand we have a very well designed and made power supply, without any aesthetical or mechanical flaws and making use of great quality components from well known manufacturers, backed up by a lengthy 5-year warranty. However, the omission of a very basic and cheap to implement feature such as a surge suppressing MOV is inexcusable for a product of this class and did cost this power supply a few quality points.

Quality Score 8.5/10


Performance (40% of the total score)

When it comes to performance, the ZT Series 550W unit did well above average. The power supply delivers great electrical and thermal performance, reaching figures we rarely see here in VR-Zone. Conversely the efficiency and acoustics are tuned to peak while the power supply is under medium load, where any similar product should spend the vast majority of its operational hours, but degrade significantly when the unit is stressed. Still, we believe that enthusiasts will be more than pleased with the overall performance of the ZT Series 550W unit.

Performance Score 9.0/10


Value (20% of the total score)

Great price to performance ratio is perhaps the strongest feature of this power supply. At the time of this review, most stores retail this product at only 80$ USD (100$ SGD) which is a steal considering the features and performance this power supply offers. With such a price tag, the ZT Series 550W unit will certainly press extremely hard against the competition.

Value Score 10/10


Aesthetics (10% of the total score)

The OCZ ZT Series unit will definitely cover the aesthetic needs of every enthusiast, even those of the most hardcore of modders. The dark theme of the power supply is highly attractive and the fully modular design will assuredly make it a favorite among enthusiasts who are concerned about the aesthetic appeal of their systems. A slight complaint can be made about the striking yellow details, which can even drive a few modders away if the color does not match their systems or overall theme.

Aesthetics Score 9.5/10

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