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OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

AS SSD is a free piece of software designed to benchmark the performance of SSD drives. It performs two sequential and two random read and write tests and then issues a score.

The OCZ Vector gave us a read score of 437 on the read test and 451 on the write test of this benchmark. These are the two highest results we have ever received from any SSD drive which we reviewed to this date. The figures are about twice as high as those we have got from budget-level SSDs and previous generation models and, once again, only the latest and fastest LAMD-based product had any hope of competing with the Vector.

Black Magic Design make a number of industry leading video capture cards, including those which can capture HD material at very high data rates. As a result having a disk with a fast write speed is essential. To aid users in configuring their system for optimal captures Black Magic includes a utility with their hardware which records the real world disk speed and gives the maximum possible framerate for that speed.

In this test, raw read and write performance is all that matters and the benchmark tests the maximum speed a drive can reach while handling compressible data. Unlike with Crystal Disk Mark, the Vector reached the speeds which OCZ claims it can, allowing it to read up to 60 and write up to 58 1080 12 bit RGB frames per second respectively.

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