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OCZ Vector 256GB SSD Review

OCZ claims that the Vector is not only the fastest but also the most reliable and efficient SSD ever made. As expected from a product which the manufacturer proclaims it to be a “groundbreaker”, the Vector did display amazing performance under all circumstances. Whether it was synthetic benchmarks or real world data, the Vector managed to find its way at the top places of our charts. The Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller appears to be operating very efficiently and can handle real-world files and tasks just as well as compressible (synthetic) data. We should also note that the Barefoot 3 requires no overhead, meaning that the full capacity of the memory chips installed is available to the user. No, that’s not 256GB but 256 billion bytes; the old “it is a binary system so each magnitude is divided by 1024” trick is true with SSDs as well, meaning that the available capacity of the Vector actually is 238.4GB.

As far as reliability is concerned and which was exactly what OCZ had serious issues with these past few years, we cannot help it but take the company’s word for it. It is impossible to comment about the longevity of a solid-state product after just a month’s use and that is just about as much as we can test a single product in our labs. We have to admit that the 5 year warranty is very impressive and displays just how seriously the company took the whole reliability issue. Furthermore, firmware updates since the release of the drive have been scarce and the support forums appear far less active than in the past, omens which do bode well for the Vector.

To summarize, we believe that the release of the first in-house controller developed by Indilinx/OCZ ought to be a great success for the company; perhaps even the biggest one they have had in several years. The Vector truly is amazingly fast and capable of taking head-on the fastest commercial 2.5” SSDs currently available with ease. OCZ also offers a very popular game, Far Cry 3, along with Vector drives for a limited time, creating an excellent deal for gamers who do not have a copy already. 

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