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OCZ Nocti 60GB mSATA SSD Review

In this test we have created three file folder copy scenarios and we are copying them between two folders within the drive, recording the time taken for the file transfer to be completed. Our first folder is filled with 870 picture files totaling 1GB, the second folder is filled with 550 MP3 files totaling 2GB and the third folder is home to a single 4.5GB ISO file.

While the copy speeds of the Nocti are notably inferior when compared to high performance SATA SSD drives, they are also much faster than the speeds a relatively fast mechanical drive can achieve.

In our second real world test we are recording the time taken for our OS to fully boot from when we pressed the power on button and the start up times of two very popular and heavy professional applications, the Autodesk AutoCAD 2012 and the Mathworks Matlab. These tests are excellent examples of how an actual system would start and work under real-life circumstances.

The Nocti performs very well in these tests, which rely mostly on the very low access times SSD drives are capable of. Windows boot in 31.6 seconds, less than half the time required by our mechanical drive.

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