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OCZ Agility 3 240GB SSD Review

After thoroughly testing and working with the Agility 3 240GB drive, as well as taking into account its street retail price, we can confidently say that the drive certainly falls into the “mainstream performance” category which OCZ planned it to. Despite the use of cheaper, asynchronous type NAND flash memory chips, the Agility 3 offers performance comparable to existent premium SATA III SSDs and quite superior speeds than value SATA II based drives. The implementation of the well-known Sandforce SF-2281 controller allows the Agility 3 to reach maximum speeds of over 500MB/s and ludicrous 4k aligned I/O operations per second; yet the performance of the drive suffers while handling incompressible data, a problem caused by the cheaper asynchronous flash memory.

It is obvious that the Agility 3 has been designed to bridge the chasm between SATA II drives and the Vertex 3, the premium drive which utilizes the same controller but synchronous NAND flash, on both the performance and value fronts. The street price of the Agility 3 240GB is about 290$ USD (nearly 360$ SGD) at the time of this review, about 25% lower than that of the equivalent Vertex 3 drive, a substantial monetary difference. It is only reasonable that many enthusiasts will settle for the slightly reduced performance after considering the noteworthy price difference. It is our belief that the Agility 3 offers great performance to value ratio for power users who simply do not want to break the bank over a single SSD drive. 

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