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Oculus Rift Birdly Simulator lets you fly like a bird, literally

This new Oculus Rift based application allows you to soar to the skies like a bird, complete with your own flight motions.


Ever wondered how it feels like to fly like a bird, as in the real ornithopter-like flapping fashion? Well, here’s another Oculus Rift based simulator that can grant this wish for you. We introduce to you, the Birdly simulator, the only simulator that could probably give you a real bird’s eye view experience in the most literal sense ever.

You can already probably see from the feature image just how literal it could get. With the Oculus Rift on, you’ll be strapped on a contraption that lets you mimic the same motion that birds do during flight. The simulator takes you inside a virtual realm where your bird’s eye view is whatever you see on the Oculus Rift, and however you flap your wings or position your body would determine the course and direction of your flight path.


The immersive experience is even further amplified with wind simulation using a fan at the unit’s front, as well as an internal device that lets out scents and smells depending on your current virtual location. See like a bird, move like a bird, feel like a bird, as one might say about it.

The best part about all of this? The entire model is just a prototype, and the final version would presumably likely look a lot sleeker and more comfortable to use. Of course, taking it out of the concept stage would require the idea to take off first.

Source: IT Media (JP)

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