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Objet 1000 3D Printer creates models in sizes other printers can’t

The New Objet 1000 from Stratasys Ltd. can create full sized models up to 40 inches wide.  It is the first 3-D printer that can create with multiple high-end resins and plastics, all incorporated in the same model, printed at the same time!

Anyone who is following the current improvement and advances in 3D printing technology knows that this industry is here to stay.  It has opened up the door to limitless manufacturing possibilities and especially with their rapidly changing technological advances along with costs of the printers dropping.  Very soon we will see 3D printing as a major part of the home and all manner of manufacturing around the world.

In 3D printers’ earlier developments they used lasers to heat up a powdered resin material, which soon gave way to plastics, that the machine would carefully place down with minute measured layers in the microns.  3D printing is becoming a lot less expensive now for manufacturers and the home, but they are still limited on the size of the models they can produce with their limited printing areas.  While some 3D printers can add different colors of plastics and resins, most can only print with one type of plastic resin at a time.  Now all of that has ended with the newly developed Objet 1000 from Stratysys Limited.

This new commercially available 3D printer from Stratysys Ltd. is simply amazing for a number of reasons, but one is the sheer size of the objects this machine can produce.  This machine can even produce a working, full-sized bicycle frame with its over-sized capacity to produce a product approximately 40”x 31” by 20”, which is gigantic compared to any of the competition.  And if size isn’t impressive enough, this printer has the capability to produce a product made with up to 120 plastics or composites on different hardness scales and transparency at the same time!

According to the company, you can choose from over 120 different types of plastics to create your product that range from full transparency, opaque to ABS grade engineering plastics.  Astonishingly, it is the first printer that can use all of those plastics and composite materials (along with the shades and colors), all built inside the same printed model.  Larger products receive the same minute detail as those in smaller forms, but the real advantage is that it can produce full size, working models, which is something many designers have been needing for some time.

Stratasys also produces some printers ranging from the less expensive desktop 3D printers, along with many other medium sized models.  They of course have their large production systems for direct digital manufacturing, such as the described Objet 1000.

Stratasys Ltd. is a new company formed from the November 2012 merger of the U.S. Minnesota based, Stratasys Incorporated and the Israeli owned company, Objet Ltd. Stratasys Ltd., which was initially founded by inventor Scott Crump. The company manufactures 3D printers and the materials needed for creating prototypes and other goods directly from 3D CAD files or other 3-D content.  According to the company the technology behind the 3D printers are based on the patented FDM® and PolyJet® inkjet-based technologies.

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