The Phantom 240 offers great value for money and comes with features that are found in higher-end enclosures.

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The first Phantom chassis made its debut in 2010, and since then the line went on to achieve commercial success. The latest offering in this segment, the Phantom 240, tweaks the design a little, but retains the overall look as well as the allure of the brand.

The design has not changed much, as the Phantom 240 still features an asymmetrical build that is characteristic of the Phantom series. The 240 comes with a full-window side panel which serves to better highlight internal hardware.  The case also features NZXT’s new 120mm FN V2 fans, which are quieter than the last generation. The chassis can accommodate two 120 mm fans at the front, two at the top (140 mm) and a 120 mm fan at the back. The chassis fits in motherboards of form factors ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX.

There is abundant cable management space at the back of the chassis, with the Phantom 240 featuring a 17 mm clearance at the back for cable routing. The chassis also feature removable hard drive cages that allow for the installation of full-size video cards. Video cards of length 290 mm fit in while the hard drive cage is intact, and cards of length 400 mm can fit in once the cage is removed. CPU coolers in height 190 mm can be accommodated in the chassis. In total, six 2.5-inch and six 3.5-inch drives can be installed in the case, along with three 5.25-inch drives.

NZXT has mentioned that the Phantom 240 will be available in the white color variant for $69.99.

Source: NZXT

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