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NYPD police arrests two men for carrying blue Jolly Ranchers

A New York City police officer has arrested two people because they were in the possession of some blue Jolly Ranchers, which the officer thought were crystal meth.


The suspects were detained for a period of time before the police found out that the Jolly Ranchers were actually just your everyday tooth decaying goodness that dentists tend to stash in their office to give to kids after their exams.

Where would the NYPD officer get the notion that druggies are now disguising their drugs in the form of everyday consumer goods?  One theory is that the officer was a bit brainwashed by the popular show Breaking Bad, which was a story about a chemist teacher trying to secure financial security for his family before he would eventually die of cancer.


Among one of the drug antics depicted in the show was Heisenberg’s blue meth, and if the officer was caught up in the series, too, like several million other people, he may have drawn his conclusion for arresting the Jolly Rancher bearing candy crooks because he thought they were carrying blue meth.

The two men involved in the drug confusion incident are now seeking damages for their time spent behind bars.

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