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Nvidia’s Tegra Tab strolls through NCC, specs confirmed

Nvidia’s Tegra Tab slate will soon enter the already bloated tablet market, as news out of Taiwan has the Tegra 4-powered tablet going through the NCC and getting clearance.

tegra tab

Sadly, aside from the Tegra 4 humming under the hood, the Tegra Tab may not be much of a competitor to some other, more popular, 7-inchers.  According to rumors, the Nvidia-branded slate will have a display resolution of 1280×768.  Compare that to the refreshed Google Nexus 7’s 1920×1200 and we can see why it’ll be hard for Nvidia to pull in some followings.  Don’t count out the Tegra Tab just yet, because in the realm of gaming it’ll be considered an elite amongst its competitors.

The Tegra Tab will come with an HDMI out, meaning people will be able to utilize whatever cloud gaming services Nvidia may want to offer through the slate.  A gamepad will probably be on the mind of future Tegra Tab owners, and perhaps this is where Nvidia will invest some time and resources into (if it hasn’t already).  Another benefit, which Google neglected to bless its 7-incher following with, is that the Tegra Tab will have a microSD slot.

Nvidia has filed for the Tegra Tab trademark in the US, so it is very likely that the slate will hit the American market eventually.

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