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Nvidia’s Shield game console isn’t bullet-proof

Aside from playing a shooting game on the Nvidia Shield Android handheld, you can also literally blast the Tegra-based console with a rifle.  Why anyone would go through the trouble of buying the Shield and then wasting ammo to blow it to pieces is one of those things we’re afraid to ask, but what we’re not afraid of is watching a YouTube video of the Shield mayhem.


Overall user reviews of the Shield have been somewhat mixed, as some have found that the Tegra-powered handheld to be an extremely useful gadget for emulating retro gaming platforms (i.e. Game Boy, PlayStation, etc.).  Others, however, are still trying to justify their $300 investment based purely on the available games from Nvidia and other app stores.  Still, most enthusiasts would cringe at the thought of their Shield being dropped (must less bombarded with lethal projectiles) and potentially break because of such incidents.

[youtube id=”K_nxpKqRiD8#” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Whether or not Android-based game consoles like the OUYA and Shield will gain a wider following is still up for debate.  However, all that doesn’t matter when it comes to pure destruction, and one way or another way most of us do manage to find a way to destroy $300 worth in just a few rounds.

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