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Nvidia’s GeForce 337.50 driver delivers up to 64 percent performance improvements in DirectX 11 titles

NVIDIA claims up to 64 percent faster performance in configurations with one active GPU and up to 71 percent faster in SLI with the latest GeForce driver.


Nvidia claims that the 337.50 GeForce driver sports the massive performance improvements because of the optimization done with DirectX, which means any DirectX 11 title should theoretically benefit without needing dedicated optimization. Titles specifically picked out include Call of Duty: Black Ops II which now runs 20% faster, Sleeping Dogs 31% faster and Alien vs. PredatorTotal War: Rome 2, and Sniper Elite v2 will all run more than 40% faster. CPU overhead has been reduced, and the driver includes tweaks to reduce game load time.

The new driver also introduces GeForce Experience 2.0, which allows ShadowPlay – which can now grab gameplay footage from windowed and borderless windowed games – to be operated on Kepler and Maxwell-based GTX notebooks. Notebook users also get GameStream, which allows streaming of games to Nvidia’s SHIELD, a feature previously supported only on desktop graphic cards. As with every other driver release, new and updated SLI profiles are included, along with the usual assortment of bug fixes.

The GeForce 337.50 Beta driver can be picked up from Nvidia’s website.




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