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NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver Supercharges Fortnite Battle Royale

NVIDIA announces a new Game Ready Driver made for Fortnite Battle Royale and NVIDIA’s newest GeForce Experience beta feature, Freestyle.


After immense effort by NVIDIA engineers to ensure optimized performance and perfect gameplay, the Game-Ready Drivers aim to provide the best experience for GeForce gamers. Being WHQL- certified by Microsoft, NVIDIA Game Ready drivers are also able to be used for delivery mechanism to add new features for GeForce users, namely ShadowPlay Highlights and NVIDIA Freestyle.

ShadowPlay Highlights helps players capture their prized moments in the game in the form of a video and screenshot. Being integrated directly into the game, it will know precisely when the magic moment will happen, be it a boss fight or a killing spree. ShadowPlay Highlights will come to Fornite Battle Royal on January 10.

NVIDIA Freestyle allows users to apply post-processing filters to games while playing. Right from the in-game overlay, changing look and mood of the games is a breeze. Users have full control over color, saturation, or even choose from 15 different dramatic post-process filters with 38 different settings.

Filters include:
• Black and White
• Colour
• Colourblind
• Contrast
• Details
• Exposure
• Half Tone
• Mood
• Night Mode
• Retro
• Sepia
• Vignette
• Depth of Field
• Special FX
• Adjustments

To get a better idea of how this works, imagine playing your favorite FPS and making it look more photorealistic by plastering a retro war-themed filter to enhance colour and contrast. Other useful filters like the colourblind mode enable colourblind gamers to differentiate between colour better. Night mode filters would reduce blur colour on your screen so a better night’s sleep after intense gaming is not too far away. Possibilities are endless.

Freestyle is now available for over 100 game titles. NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers would be available on or before launch day.

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