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Nvidia will reincarnate the Shield into a hybrid notebook-tablet

The Shield will live on, but in a dramatically different form.


To little fanfare, and many sponsored blogposts, Nvidia launched the Shield hand-held game console. Powered by its Tegra SoC and Android, the Shield attempted to provide a gaming experience in the style of a Nintendo DS or PSP in an era when mobile gamers seem to be wholly satisfied with gaming on their phones or tablets.

Despite features added later that allowed gamers to stream games from their PC to Shield, the device was a failure. Nvidia now is looking to “reboot” the Shield as a tablet, according to a certification filing spotted by The Verge.

According to a document on certification and testing body Global Certification Forum’s website, the next-generation Shield will be called the “Shield Tablet” (as confirmed earlier through an inadvertent leak from Nvidia). It will also have 4G/LTE capability. Earlier leaks have pointed to the Shield tablet having a  2048 x 1536 7.9-inch screen, Android 4.4, and a Tegra K1 SoC.

On paper this looks like a solid tablet. If Nvidia can price it at, or below, the high-end low-cost Xiaomi Mi Pad it could have a winner on its hands.

Source: The Verge

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