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Nvidia Unveils Latest Line of Graphics Cards – RTX2080Ti, RTX2080 Founders Edition

At the ongoing Gamescom conference in Germany earlier today, Nvidia unveiled its latest generation of consumer graphics cards: the GeForce RTX 2000 series. Based on Nvidia’s new Turing architecture, the cards feature real-time ray-tracing technology, ushering into the mainstream technology once exclusive to big budget Hollywood productions.

The top-of-the-line RTX2080Ti Founders Edition boasts 4352 CUDA cores running at 1350MHz, with a boost clock of 1635MHz. It includes 11GB of GDDR6 RAM, utilizing a 352-bit memory bandwidth running at 616GB/s.

A step under the top is the RTX2080 Founders edition, running 2944 CUDA cores at 1350MHz, but with a higher boost clock at 1800MHz. This version carries ‘only’ 8GB of GDDR6 RAM, operating with a 256-bit memory bandwidth running at 448 GB/s.

With these latest cards, Nvidia is promising a ‘6 times’ improvement over the previous generation of cards. Ray-tracing technology, which for many years has been used by Hollywood to create life-like renderings in movies, features heavily in Nvidia’s marketing for these new cards. And this is not without reason: Ray-tracing has for many years held the potential to make games look a lot more realistic, and considered by many gamers and game studios to be the “holy grail.” Unfortunately, ray-tracing is very computationally expensive, and up until now its applications have been limited to renderings for movies and scientific research. With its latest Turing architecture in its graphics chips, Nvidia is hoping to bring ray-tracing hardware to the masses.

Upon unveiling the cards, Nvidia showed the differences that ray-tracing could make to games and renderings of everyday objects. In the videos from the following tweets, you can immediately see how much more realistic the latest games can look when ray-tracing is enabled.

The RTX2080Ti and RTX2080 are now available for pre-order, at 1199USD and 799USD respectively, shipping from 20th September onwards. A RTX2070 model has also been announced for 599USD, with more details to be made available at a later date.

Daniel Adi.
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One thought on “Nvidia Unveils Latest Line of Graphics Cards – RTX2080Ti, RTX2080 Founders Edition

  1. Brian

    BUT !
    I just have a 1080p monitor, and i have no plans for replacing before it die, and its just one year old and my first flat screen.
    So even factoring in if some one should make a game i would like to play, then i can still make do with current cards on the market, and it dont even have to be the top models i need to look on for my pending build.
    I am hoping to be able to snag up at vega 56 or maybe even 64 with a price drop that i hope to see soon as i would like to start ordering hardware. ( need freesync for my monitor )
    And i am going to build a all AMD system as i think its about time for one of those again.
    But my total system price ( minus a few things that will be recycled ) are like the retail price for these new suckers, give or give a little 😉

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