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NVIDIA to fix GTX 970 performance issues with a driver update


Yesterday we reported on how NVIDIA has finally admitted that it did goof up with the GTX 970 specifications with regards to the available memory. An NVIDIA rep has now confirmed on the GeForce forums that the company will be rolling out a driver update for the GTX 970 soon to improve performance.

NVIDIA support representative “PeterS” posted on GeForce forums that the company is unhappy with the performance issues that a few owners of the GTX 970 card are facing and hopes to fix the issue with a driver update that is expected to be rolled out soon. Apparently they are trying to allocate most of the driver related files to the 0.5GB segment of the GTX 970 VRAM so that the 3.5GB segment can be utilized fully for the frame buffer when playing games. A large number of GeForce GTX 970 owners have been experiencing performance drops when playing few latest games at 1440p or 4K resolutions as the card is unable to use more than 3.5GB VRAM. However, the performance drop isn’t as significant as what a few users have reported, at least according to the findings of Guru3D’s GTX 970 stress test.

As we told you yesterday, a few GTX 970 owners have started an online petition against NVIDIA, demanding a full refund against their purchase due to the issue. Peter S mentioned that the company may help few buyers get refunds or exchange credits, although this doesn’t mean that each and every one of you can expect a refund from your card manufacturer soon. Then there’s the fact that the issue may not affect most of you out there as the performance drop is seen only when playing at very high resolutions. So for most buyers, the GTX 970 still is a much better value than the significantly more expensive GTX 980 card.

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