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NVIDIA to Demonstrate PhysX on GK104, Kepler GPU on Friday?

NVIDIA Are You Ready?

From the looks of it, Friday February 17, 2012 will be the first time NVIDIA demonstrates its upcoming Kepler GPU architecture in public.

The past month saw an intense amount of rumors about the upcoming Kepler GPU architecture from NVIDIA. First and foremost, Samsung showed an Ivy Bridge + mainstream Kepler GPU notebook on CES 2012 which got its official page shown by accident (thanks to Google Cache, you can still see it), then numerous sites posted bogus rumors originating from Lenzfire (to which we will not link to), and recently we saw first credible specifications originating from 3DCenter.org.

The very latest information comes from EVGA, Gearbox Software and NVIDIA. This weekend will see 19th PDXLan taking place in Portland, Oregon. Over the course of weekend, EVGA plans to showing the next generation "Kepler" running PhysX demo of a new game from Gearbox Software.

We expect that specifications stay the secret over the course of weekend, with everybody talking about the game alone, and the official unveil of Kepler will follow in weeks to come.

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