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Nvidia struggles to convince vendors to adopt Tegra 4

Consumers will not see a lot of Nvidia Tegra 4-based smartphones and tablets in the later part of 2013, according to reports out of Taiwan.

The Tegra 4 features 72 custom Nvidia GeForce GPU cores, which is purported to boast six times more horsepower than its predecessor—the Tegra 3.  It also includes ARM’s quad-core Cortex A15 architecture, and 4G LTE voice and data support with the optional Nvidia Icera i500 chipset. 

Despite the performance increase as well as added functionalities in the Tegra 4, it seems like Santa Clara-based chip maker is struggling to woo tablet and smartphone vendors to adopt its next-gen SoC.  According to DigiTimes, Toshiba is the only vendor, thus far, to confirm the launch of Tegra 4-based tablets some time in mid-2013.

Major OEMs like Asus and Acer are putting a lot of effort into developing ARM tablets, but they have not confirmed any orders of Tegra 4.  Asus has close ties with Qualcomm in the smartphone department, so it’s likely that Asus will continue to use ARM chips from Qualcomm for future smartphones. 

Rather than forcing the issues with the Tegra 4, Nvidia will try to remain relevant by lowering the price of its Tegra 3 to attract vendors that are developing entry-level devices.  However, even with a price cut on the Tegra 3, there are still cheaper solutions coming from MediaTek and other China-based chip makers.

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