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Nvidia spills the beans on HTC Nexus 9, says to expect it by the end of Q3

It’s no surprise the HTC-produced Google Nexus 9 tablet continues to make the rumor rounds, but the latest source tipping its arrival, Nvidia, is the very definition of a reliable “insider”, supplying the forthcoming 8.9 incher with cutting-edge Tegra K1 chips.

Nexus 9

We must say, some awfully weird things are happening in the tablet décor. Or better yet, aren’t happening, since both Apple and Google seem to be inviting each other to show their hands for the 2014-2015 holiday season.

Like it or not though, Big G may be forced to blink first, as Apple’s iPad Air and Mini 2 aren’t a year old yet, while the Nexus 7 2013 is. 14 months old, to be exact, and albeit in spirit the uber-punchy low-cost 7 incher is much younger, the public needs to be reminded why the Nexus line is here to stay.

Enter not the third-gen N7, as many expected, but instead a first ever 9-inch Nexus, conceived as a sort of cross between the popular 7 inchers and not-so-popular 10 incher released back in the fall of 2012.

Nexus 9 Nvidia

A gamble in more than one way, with higher-end specs than ever before and presumably a fitting price, but an exciting gamble, the Nexus 9 has enjoyed a good run in the rumor marathon of late. But it’s time to put all guesswork and doubt behind us, as Nvidia just inadvertently confirmed the Tegra K1-powered beast.

Of course, we’re not so sure about the “inadvertent” part. As a wise man once said, I’ve heard of coincidences, I’ve just never experienced one up close. Regardless, Nvidia did blow HTC Nexus 9’s cover in legal documents filed to take on the likes of Qualcomm and Samsung, and they also disclosed a rather intriguing timeline.

Apparently, the stock Android-running slate is “expected in the third quarter of 2014”. Wait, but Q3 is nearly over. That’s right, boys and girls, if the chip maker is correct, the remaining three weeks of September should see the hotly anticipated N9 go official and start selling. Exciting times are a comin’.

Source: Droid Life

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