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Nvidia Shield Tablet’s specs, features, pricing and release date revealed

If you thought Nvidia spilled the beans last week, when the first press render of the unannounced Shield Tablet made its way online, wait until you hear about all the info that just came to light, including an exhaustive spec sheet and precise US launch date.


Although fairly unversed in the device manufacturing business, leading chip maker Nvidia is not one to give up such a potentially profitable world without a fight. And so, regardless of last year’s Shield handheld game console debacle, a bolder, more daring sequel is in the works.

Sequel? More like a spin-off, since we’re now dealing with a full-fledged Android slate, accompanied by a wireless controller that was part of the first-gen’s ensemble. Technically therefore, the actual tablet isn’t a gaming-oriented gadget, albeit its guts are highly optimized for mind-blowing performance.

As expected, a state-of-the-art homebrewed Tegra K1 SoC runs the hardware show, its four A15-based cores being clocked at 2.3 GHz and allegedly delivering speed way north of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800’s capabilities.


The Kepler graphics help the Shield Tablet achieve the monstrous feat, however the chip still uses 32-bit architecture, not advanced 64-bit, so before long, it could get quite outdated. Right now, it’s really the cream of the crop, and Nvidia is smart enough to seize the day, gearing up for a North American rollout on July 29, a European release on August 24, and an Asian bow in the fall.

The stunning CPU/GPU combo isn’t the only thing the Shield Tablet has going for it, as the 8-inch display boasts 1,920 x 1,200 pixels resolution. And then you have a pair of very capable 5 megapixel cameras, optional LTE connectivity, stylus support, front-facing stereo speakers, mini HDMI, microSD, Bluetooth 4.0 and, get this, a battery rated at 10 hours of HD video playback juice.


All for $299 in a configuration with 16 GB built-in storage space and Wi-Fi, or $399 for twice the internal memory and 4G speeds. The Shield controller is optional and valued at $59, and another intriguing accessory is a $39 Shield cover allowing you to prop up the Shield Tablet for comfier gaming or video playing.

Remember, all the intel is unofficial, hence subject to change (and hoaxes), but everything fits, so there’s really no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the massive information spill.

Source: Video Cardz

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